November 12, 2016: Battle of the Bay 2016

On November 12, 2016, Team 5813 competed at Battle of the Bay in Alton, New Hampshire. After the qualification matches, we were ranked 7 out of 27 teams. During alliance selection, we were picked by Team 131 (Chaos) to join Alliance 3. The third robot on our alliance was Team 4546 (Shockwave). After two quarterfinal matches, we advanced to the semifinals against Alliance 7. Unfortunately, due to several oversights and mistakes, we were eliminated in the semifinals. Overall, our team learned a lot and made some new friends. We are excited for the 2017 kickoff in January!

October 22, 2016: River Rage 20

On October 29, 2016, Morpheus travelled to Manchester, New Hampshire, to compete at the 20th River Rage, which was hosted by teams 131 (Chaos), 238 (Crusaders), and 501 (Powerknights). After talking with several teams that we are friends with, the qualification matches started. During our second of four qualification matches, we had some slight intake issues that were corrected by restarting our computer. In our third qualification match, we set the qualification high score of 120 points. At the end of the 21 qualification matches, we were excited to be ranked 1 out of 30 teams! During alliance selection at River Rage, the first pick of each alliance is random. Amazingly, we got Team 238 (Crusaders), which is a fantastic breaching and feeding robot, as our random pick. As our second pick, we were thrilled to select Team 1058 (PVC Pirates) for their phenomenal high goal scoring and climbing. In our first elimination match, we set a personal high score of 225 points with 10 solo high goals! Then, in our second match, we scored 230 points! In our semifinal match, we set our year-long high score of 245 points without fouls!! We also scored 12 solo high goals in that match. In the finals, we faced off against the formidable Alliance 5, which consisted of Team 166 (Chop Shop), Team 125 (Nutrons), and Team 78 (Air Strike). After one intense match of the finals, we emerged victorious with a score of 222 points! This was our first ever event win and was also the first event where we went completely undefeated. We are tremendously proud of our prodigious performance and of our amazing alliance.

June 18, 2016: Beantown Blitz 2016

On June 18, 2016, Team 5813 traveled to Revere, Massachusetts, to compete at the 2016 Beantown Blitz, which is hosted by FRC Team 125 (Nutrons). Once we arrived, we went to the field to calibrate the targeting system of our high goal auto. During one of our qualification matches, our high goal auto worked for the first time; this was a big success for our team. After two months of tweaking, our auto finally worked! In our final qualification match, we set the event qualification high score of 180 points! At the conclusion of 30 qualification matches, we were ranked number 2 out of 25 teams! For alliance selection, we selected Team 2877 (Ligerbots) as our first pick for their awesome high goal capabilities and Team 5969 (English Skunkworks) as our second pick for their breaching ability. In our first quarterfinal match, our alliance put up the event high score of 220 points! After two semifinal matches against Alliance 3, we advanced to the finals against Alliance 1, which was led by Team 195 (Cyberknights)! We were super excited, as this was the first time our team had made it to the finals. Unfortunately, both of our alliance partners broke down during the finals, so we were the only functioning robot on the field for both matches of the finals. Although we gave it our all during both matches of the finals, we ultimately became event Finalists. Until the finals, we were undefeated! It was fantastic partnering with the Ligerbots for a second offseason event. We had a wonderful time competing against all the great teams at Beantown Blitz and are proud of our performance.

May 22, 2016: Battlecry@WPI 17

From May 21 to May 22, 2016, Morpheus competed at the 17th Battlecry@WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts. Looking to improve from our fantastic performance at the Championship, we set a goal to get our high goal auto finalized by the end of Battlecry. We tweaked the PID after every match to get the high goal auto functioning better. Although we were working on it over the course of the whole event and almost got it up and running, we didn’t get our high goal auto fully completed in time for eliminations. Even though we did not get our high goal auto finished, we performed fantastically in each of our matches. In one of our qualification matches, we scored 10 boulders by ourselves into the high goal! This was a new record for our team. After 78 qualification matches, we had 6 wins and 2 losses, which put us in 7th place out of 60 teams going into alliance selection. During alliance selection, we were chosen by Team 2877 (Ligerbots), the third seeded team. Our random pick was Team 1474 (Masterlink Militia). Only the top eight scoring alliances were admitted into the quarterfinals after alliance selection. In order to be one of the alliances moving on, an alliance was required to score 190 points or above in at least one match of the eighth-finals. During our first match of the eighth-finals, our alliance put up an impressive score of 187 points, but this was not enough to guarantee us a spot in the quarterfinals. In our second match of the eighth-finals, we put up a record high score for us: 212 points! This put us in second place going into the quarterfinals. During both of our matches of the quarterfinals, we scored above 200 points, which moved us into the semifinals. Unfortunately, we were eliminated by Alliance 2, which was led by Team 166 (Chop Shop), after two hard-fought matches of the semifinals. Morpheus had a magnificent time at Battlecry, setting several personal records for our team.

April 30, 2016: FIRST Championship - Galileo Subdivision

On April 26, 2016, Morpheus members set out on a quest for the FRC Championship in St. Louis. After a long plane ride and a 5 hour drive, we arrived in St. Louis to compete in the Galileo Subdivision for the title of World Champion. We were blown away by the size of the Dome and pits, and had to walk 15 minutes from our pit in order to get into the queue! One highlight of the competition for us was talking with Team 254 (Cheesy Poofs) and Team 1678 (Citrus Circuits), which are two of the teams that we admire most. Once we had unpacked our crate and set up our pit, we were ready to compete with fantastic teams from all over the world! Out of our 10 qualification matches, we won 7. In our final qualification match, we set a personal record of 8 solo high goals! We were thrilled when we ranked 7 out of the 75 teams in our subdivision! This earned us the Highest Rookie Seed award in our subdivision. Performing extremely well during our qualification matches, we ranked high enough to form our own alliance for the elimination matches. For alliance selection, as the Alliance 5 captain, we selected Team 2468 (Team Appreciate) as our first pick for their fantastic breaching and high goal capabilities, Team 1153 (Robo-Rebels) as our second pick for their great breaching and feeding skills, and Team 2907 (Lion Robotics) as our third pick for their shut-down defense power. During our first match of the quarterfinals, we barely lost with an impressive score of 192 points to Alliance 4’s score of 194 points. Despite that setback, we were still hopeful to beat Alliance 4, which was led by Team 3539 (Byting Bulldogs), and advance to the semifinals. In our second match, our alliance was on fire. We set another new personal record of 9 solo high goals! Unfortunately, we barely missed a capture (only two robots on the batter), and tied with a score of 175 to 175. Due to tiebreaker rules, we ended up losing that match. Although we had just been eliminated, we were proud of our ability to compete at a world-class level. We had a great time working with 2468, 1153, and 2907 and hope to compete with them in the future. After getting alliance pictures and cleaning out our eliminations pit, we sat down to watch Einstein. Our team cheered on the alliances, and celebrated the World Champions. We had a fantastic time competing with all of the other teams in the Galileo Subdivision and hope to return to the Championship next year! As a rookie team, we had set a goal of competing at the World Championship, and we succeeded! We became an alliance captain, met teams that we admire, formed bonds with other teams, and won an award. Morpheus is proud of our accomplishments from the World Championship!

April 16, 2016: New England District Championship

From April 13 to April 16, 2016, Morpheus travelled to Hartford, Connecticut to compete at the New England District Championship. We enjoyed competing with all of our friends at the District Championship. We were extremely excited to qualify for the World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri in two weeks!

April 11, 2016: We Qualified for the New England District Championship!

At the conclusion of qualification events, Morpheus is ranked 14 in the New England District with 103 Ranking Points and has been invited to participate in the District Championship in Hartford, Conneticut, April 14-16. We look forward to seeing our friends for a great competition.

March 27 2016: NE District - UNH Event

We had fun at this event. Team 5813 was ranked 14 after the qualification rounds. We were the first pick of the 4th seeded team 4909, Bionics. The third member of the alliance was team 138, Entropy. Our alliance made it to the semi-finals and was eliminated by the eventual winning alliance led by our friends on Team 319, Big Bad Bob! We were also excited to receive the Rookie Inspiration Award. The matches from this event can be seen here: New England District - UNH Event.

March 15, 2016: NE District - WPI Event

This was the first competition for our team and we were delighted to see that our robot and game play was competitive with the other teams participating at WPI. Morpheus was ranked 5 after the qualification rounds and we won the Highest Rookie Seed award for this accomplishment. We also won the Rookie All Star award. We were the first pick of the 2nd seeded team 126, Gael Force and we gladly accepted. The third member of the alliance was team 2370, iBots. Our alliance made it to the semi-finals and was eliminated by the eventual winning alliance lead by team 839, Rosie Robotics. The matches can be seen here: New England District - WPI Event. Our favorite match was the third semifinal match where our alliance put up a competitive performance even though our captain's robot died with 83 seconds remaining in the game: Semi-2 Tie Breaker.