2017 Battle of the Bay

written by Daler Kang on 2017-11-11

Today, Morpheus travelled to Alton, New Hampshire, to compete at Battle of the Bay for the third time in our history. A large focus of this event was training next year’s drive team, so we had a brand new drive team for this competition. Additionally, we added a new wide-field camera, which we learned about from Team 1058 (PVC Pirates), to the front of our robot so we can see gears on the opposite side of the field. In our first match, one of the rotors fell off of the airship and was not considered a field fault. Later in the match, while we were climbing the rope, our bumpers caught the rotor and brought it up with us. Unfortunately, as the event was testing a beta version of the 2018 FMS, no on-board cameras were functioning. Throughout our qualification matches, our new drive team performed wonderfully. In another match, we scored five gears solo, aimed at the boiler with no cameras functioning, and scored about 4 KPA in the boiler before we went to climb. During Alliance Selection, we reunited with Team 501 (PowerKnights) on Alliance 5. On the second round of selections, we invited the practice/defense bot from Team 2648 (Infinite Loop). With this alliance, we were aiming to score three to four rotors, a few KPA, and two to three climbs in each match. After coming on strong and winning our first quarterfinal match, several strategic mistakes and missed climbs eliminated our alliance by a slim margin in the next two matches. Morpheus had a fantastic time at the 2017 Battle of the Bay and would like to congratulate our friends on Team 3467 (The Windham Windup), Team 4909 (Bionics), and Team 2370 (iBots) on taking home the win! See you all at the FIRST Power Up Kickoff next January!