2018 FIRST Power Up Kickoff

written by Daler Kang on 2018-01-06

Today was the kickoff of the 2018 FIRST Power Up season! After arriving at SNHU and talking with some friends, we sat down in the gym to prepare to watch the speeches and kickoff video. About 20 minutes before the speeches started, our friends on Team 1058 (PVC Pirates) showed us a leaked picture of the FIRST Power Up field. Analyzing this picture got us even more excited for the season. It was fantastic listening to the speeches, which were given by various FIRST members and government officials, including Dean Kamen, Governor Sununu, and Senator Hassan. Immediately after watching the game reveal, we hurried down the hall to the official FIRST Power Up field. After taking measurements, we got to talk to Andymark founder Andy Baker and FRC Director Frank Merrick. Once we arrived back at our workshop, we began reading the rules, unpacking the KOP, and compiling our "robot will" list. Morpheus is extremely excited for the rest of the 2018 FRC Season!