2018 Mayhem in Merrimack

written by Daler Kang on 2018-06-09

On June 9, 2018, Morpheus participated in the 2018 Mayhem in Merrimack in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Throughout the qualifications, we helped several teams with technical issues. Morpheus members assisted Team 5962 with assembling a Versaplanetary gearbox and Team 6762 with connecting to their radio. In our qualification matches, we were able to earn the auto ranking point every match and control the scale. Additionally, in several matches, we were able to get four ranking points. We ended up winning all five of our qualification matches. At the end of qualifications, we were excited to find that we were rank 1 with a ranking score of 3.20! During alliance selection, we selected our friends and 2017 District Championship Finalist alliance partner Team 1519 (Mechanical Mayhem) to join Alliance 1. On the second round, we picked up Team 5962 (PerSEVERE). Going into the double eliminations bracket, we were fairly confident in our alliance's ability to perform. We won the first match handily but had some unexpected elevator issues. It turns out that two of our four elevator motors had burned out! We quickly replaced them before our match against Alliance 4. Unfortunately, in that match, another motor burned out, causing our elevator to have more issues, which caused us to lose that match. Because we had lost a match, we were now playing in the "loser bracket," and our next match would once again be against Alliance 8. Luckily, we were able to replace the broken motor before the next match. In that match, our elevator was working fine, but about halfway through the match, the conduit carrying wires for our intake accidentally got stuck in another team's intake and pulled several wires out. Although the wires had gotten pulled out and our climber hook fell off, we were able to win the match. Before our match against Alliance 3, we were able to fix most of the wires. In our match against Alliance 3, our hook fell off again and we were not able to maintain control of the scale, so we ended up losing that match. Because of the nature of a double eliminations bracket, we had just been eliminated. It was wonderful to work with Team 1519 and Team 5962, and we hope to work with them again in the future. During the award ceremony, we were thrilled to receive the Gracious Professionalism Award for the assistance that we gave to several teams! We would like to congratulate Team 319 (Big Bad Bob), Team 131 (CHAOS), and Team 885 (The Green Team) on wining the event! Despite having several mechanical problems, Morpheus had a great time at Mayhem in Merrimack.