2018 SE Mass District

written by Daler Kang on 2018-03-11

From March 9, 2018, to March 11, 2018, Morpheus members travelled to Bridgewater, Massachusetts, to compete at the 2018 SE Mass District event. On Friday, we set up our pit and got inspected. The next day, we worked on tuning our center-switch auto. Once the auto was tuned, it worked in every qualification and eliminations match that we ran it. During qualification matches, our robot performed extremely well, completing the auto quest many times, scoring cubes in the exchange, and securing ownership of both the switch and scale. At the end of the qualification matches, we were ranked fifth. In alliance selection, we were invited by Team 4041 (Iron Tigers) to join Alliance 3. Together, we invited Team 2079 (ALARM) to join our alliance. With our alliance, we hoped to get control of the switch in auto; maintain control of our switch, the opponent switch, and the scale; fill up the vault; and get one climb and one levitate. In the quarterfinals, we won the first match. In the second match, we tried our brand new scale auto that we had been testing. Although the auto barely missed the scale, we dominated both switches and the scale for the whole match. Unfortunately, a few field faults caused the match to be replayed. In the replay, we ended up losing the match and one of our intake gearboxes broke. During the tiebreaker, we were still able to pick up cubes and score them. Our alliance was extremely excited when we won the tiebreaker match and advanced to the semifinals. For the semifinals, we were not able to fix our intake gearbox, but we still performed well. Despite our alliance fighting hard, we were eliminated in the semifinals by Alliance 2. Later on, during the award ceremony, we were elated to win the Innovation in Control Award for our autonomous path generator! We would like to congratulate our friends on Team 88 (TJ^2), Team 2168 (Aluminum Falcons), and Team 121 (Rhode Warriors) on winning the event and Team 6328 (Mechanical Advantage) on their Chairman's Award! Morpheus had a fantastic time at the SE Mass District event and hopes to return next year.