2018 Summer Heat

written by Daler Kang on 2018-07-14

On July 14, 2018, Morpheus members travelled to South Portland, Maine, to compete in the 2018 Summer Heat offseason event, which is hosted by Team 58 (Riot Crew). After loading in, we were excited to see that the pits were right next to the field, which meant that we wasted almost no time walking to the field and we could watch every match. Unfortunately, we had a code issue which caused us to miss our first match, but we bounded back and ended the qualification rounds in fourth place. During Alliance Selection, we were picked by our friends Team 131 (CHAOS) to join Alliance 2. Together, we selected team 6153 (Blue Crew) to round out our alliance. In eliminations, we ran our scale auto and CHAOS ran their switch auto. Our alliance breezed through the quarterfinals and semifinals to face Alliance 1 in the finals. In the first match, we were behind after auto, but battled back and controlled the scale for over half the match. Unfortunately, we ended up losing Finals 1 by only 33 points. In Finals 2, Alliance 1 played very aggressive defense, which caused our alliance to struggle to keep up on the scale. Ultimately, we became event finalists and got an extremely neat trophy for our accomplishments! We had a great time working with Team 131 and Team 6153 and hope to work with them again soon! Thank you to Team 58 for hosting such a fun event!