2018 Week 0

written by Daler Kang on 2018-02-17

Today, Morpheus attended the 2018 Week 0 competition which was hosted by Team 509 (Red Storm). During load in, we quickly set up our pit and tested all of our subsystems. After completing a systems test, we toured the pits and learned what other teams have been working on this season. In our first match, we were able to successfully score several Power Cubes in both the Switch and Scale! After winning all three of our qualification matches, we were ranked third going into alliance selection. During alliance selection, we were thrilled to invite Team 78 (Air Strike) and Team 5459 (Ipswich TIGERS) to join Alliance 3. In the quarterfinals, we set the current world high score of 398 points. We set another large score of 383 in the semifinals. Following some mechanical issues, we were excited to be moving to the finals. Despite our mechanical issues, the finals were intense. After ending the first match in a tie, our alliance won the next match. In the next two matches, Alliance 1, which consisted of our friends on Team 5687 (Outliers), Team 238 (Crusaders), and Team 3323 (Potential Energy), proved victorious. Team 5813 had a wonderful time at Week 0 and would like to congratulate Team 5687, Team 238, and Team 3323 on winning the event. We loved working with Team 78 and Team 5459 and hope to work with them again soon. Morpheus is excited for the rest of this season!