2019 River Rage

written by Daler Kang on 2019-10-26

On October 26 2019, Morpheus travelled to Manchester, New Hampshire to participate in River Rage 23! At River Rage, we wore a Halloween Costume that consisted of custom "Cheesy Spoofs" shirts. During the qualification matches, we played a few different strategies and used our suction climb. We tried for a double climb with 78 (Air Strike), but ran out of time before we could get off the ground. During alliance selection, we were thrilled to be invited to join Alliance 2 by our 2018 Week 0 finalist alliance partners and friends on Team 78. Our other partner was Team 509 (Red Storm). For eliminations, our strategy was to have 5813 fill the right cargo ship, fill one layer of the right rocket, and climb; have 78 fill the left cargo ship, place a few other cargo, and climb; and have 509 play defense and park on level 1 of the HAB. Unfortunately, we experienced a few drivebase issues. Although we had issues, our alliance was still able to advance to the semifinals. In the semifinals, we finally pulled off our double climb with 78! We fought hard but ultimately were eliminated in the semifinals by Alliance 3, which consisted of our friends on Team 3467, Team 166, Team 1729, and Team 811. We were excited to be awarded the "Spookiest Team" costume award for our "Cheesy Spoofs" shirts. Morpheus would like to congratulate Teams 3467, 166, 1729, and 811 for winning River Rage 23! We had a great time competing with 78 and 509 and hope to work with them again soon. We would also like to thank Teams 131, 238, and 501 for hosting such a fun event! Our final off-season of the 2019 season will be Battle of the Bay 6, which is next month.