2019 SE Mass District

written by Team Member on 2019-03-10

From March 8 to 10, 2019, Morpheus competed at the 2019 SE Mass District Event. Unfortunately, we got off to a rough start in our qualification matches, but were able to pull it together towards the end of the qualifications. At that point, we were placing about 5 hatches and cargo each match. Luckily, our good performance was noticed during alliance selection, and we were selected by Team 69 (HYPER) and Team 88 (TJ^2) to join Alliance 3. Our alliance had a great strategy where 69 and 5813 would place hatches, 88 would place cargo, and 69 would climb to level 3 of the HAB. The successful execution of this strategy took our alliance all the way to the finals, where we faced Alliance 1 led by our friends on Team 78 (Air Strike) and Team 2168 (Aluminum Falcons). After two hard-fought matches, we emerged as event finalists! We had a great time working with 69 and 88 and hope to work with them again soon. Team 5813 would like to congratulate the winning alliance as well as Team 125 (NUtrons) on winning the District Chairman's Award! We learned a lot at this event and cannot wait to compete at the Central Mass event in three weeks!