2019 Week 0

written by Team Member on 2019-02-16

On February 16, 2019, Morpheus travelled to Merrimack, New Hampshire, to test our robot at the annual Week 0 event. In qualifications, we tested our cargo manipulation and our hatch panel 'beak.' During alliance selection, we were selected by our friends on Team 3467 (Windham Windup) to join Alliance 7. Together, we selected Team 3986 (Express-0) to join our alliance. In eliminations, we had a strategy of filling the cargo ship with cargo and the first level of each rocket. Although we were eliminated in the quarterfinals, we did take Alliance 2 to three matches, and learned a lot about playing this year's game! We hope to work with both 3467 and 3986 again soon. Thank you to our alliance partners and to Team 166 (Chop Shop) for hosting the event! We can't wait to compete in the rest of the Destination: Deep Space season!