BAE Systems Minibot Challenge #1: Mondrian Madness

written by Daler K. on 2021-03-04

This year, in addition to the official FRC challenges, New England FIRST and BAE Systems have teamed up to host several minibot challenges using the ROMI robot system. In the first challenge, Mondrian Madness, teams had to use the ROMI robot to navigate an obstacle course both autonomously and under driver control. The Morpheus software team worked hard at this challenge and was able to get several excellent times. For the autonomous run, our time was 7.6 seconds. For the teleoperated run, our time was 7.58 seconds. Today was the award ceremony for Mondrian Madness, and we were excited to receive the 2nd Place Most Innovative Solution Award for our well documented and easy to understand codebase! Congratulations to all of the teams that participated! We look forward to participating in other minibot challenges in the coming months!

5813's autonomous run can be viewed here.

5813's teleoperated run can be viewed here.