BAE Systems Minibot Challenge #3: Frantic Fetch

written by Daler K. on 2021-05-13

After opting to not participate in the second minibot challenge due to the Infinite Recharge at Home challenges, Morpheus was excited to participate in the third of the BAE Systems minibot challenges: Frantic Fetch. In Frantic Fetch, the ROMI robot must navigate the same course as the Bounce Path from Infinite Recharge at Home, but this time, the robot must pick up three golf balls at certain points along the path. Both the mechanical and software subteams collaborated on this robot, and we were proud to achieve a raw autonomous time of 16.37 seconds and a raw teleoperated time of 16.17 seconds. Each golf ball scored in the end zone reduced the time by 3 seconds, so our official times are 7.37 seconds for autonomous and 7.17 seconds for teleop. 5813's robot attachment was designed to be lightweight and passive for maximum simplicity. The catcher features three indexing flaps that hold the three golf balls in place during the runs. In the award ceremony today, we did not receive any awards, but we had a great time and learned a lot! Congratulations to all of the teams that participated in Frantic Fetch!

5813's autonomous run can be viewed here.

5813's teleoperated run can be viewed here.