2020 Northshore District Cancelled

written by Daler K. on 2020-03-10

Tonight, an email was sent out to New England teams that stated that all events this week and next week have been cancelled. Unfortunately, this means the competition we were set to attend, the Northshore District Event, has been cancelled. We understand the decision and hope to compete at the Southern NH District and debut our 2020 robot in two weeks.

2019 Code Release

written by 5813 Software Team on 2020-01-02

In compliance with FRC rules, this is the release of software components from 2019 that we might reuse in future years.

A compressed archive of the source code can be downloaded here.

2019 Battle of the Bay

written by Daler K. on 2019-11-09

On November 9, 2019, Morpheus competed at our 5th annual Battle of the Bay in Alton, New Hampshire. In our first qualification match, we successfully completed a double HAB 3 climb with Team 1922 (Oz-Ram). In all of our qualification matches, we focused on filling the cargo ship, completing one level of a rocket, and climbing to level 3. This plan proved successful as we won 4 of our 5 matches, earning us the 10th seed. In our final qualification match, we were also able to achieve a double HAB 3 climb with Team 501 (Power Knights). During alliance selection, we were excited to join our good friends on Team 4564 (Orange Chaos) on Alliance 5. We then selected Team 58 (Riot Crew) and Team 157 (Aztechs) to round out our alliance. With our alliance, we aimed to have a complete cargo ship, two complete rocket levels, and two level 3 HAB climbs. We ended up double-climbing with 4564 in four of our five elimination matches. This strategy also proved successful as we were able to overtake the formidable 4th-seeded alliance (led by our friends on Team 1729) in three hard-fought matches to advance to the semifinals. Once in the semifinals, we faced off against the 1st-seeded alliance, which was led by Team 133. We fought hard but were ultimately eliminated in two matches. Morpheus had a great time working with our alliance partners and hopes to work with them again soon! We would also like to congratulate Teams 133, 5687, 6762, and 172 on winning the event! Additionally, Morpheus would like to thank Team 319 for hosting yet another fantastic competition.

Now that the 2019 off-season has concluded, we look forward to the 2020 Infinite Recharge kickoff on January 4, 2020! See you then!

2019 River Rage

written by Daler K. on 2019-10-26

On October 26 2019, Morpheus travelled to Manchester, New Hampshire to participate in River Rage 23! At River Rage, we wore a Halloween Costume that consisted of custom "Cheesy Spoofs" shirts. During the qualification matches, we played a few different strategies and used our suction climb. We tried for a double climb with 78 (Air Strike), but ran out of time before we could get off the ground. During alliance selection, we were thrilled to be invited to join Alliance 2 by our 2018 Week 0 finalist alliance partners and friends on Team 78. Our other partner was Team 509 (Red Storm). For eliminations, our strategy was to have 5813 fill the right cargo ship, fill one layer of the right rocket, and climb; have 78 fill the left cargo ship, place a few other cargo, and climb; and have 509 play defense and park on level 1 of the HAB. Unfortunately, we experienced a few drivebase issues. Although we had issues, our alliance was still able to advance to the semifinals. In the semifinals, we finally pulled off our double climb with 78! We fought hard but ultimately were eliminated in the semifinals by Alliance 3, which consisted of our friends on Team 3467, Team 166, Team 1729, and Team 811. We were excited to be awarded the "Spookiest Team" costume award for our "Cheesy Spoofs" shirts. Morpheus would like to congratulate Teams 3467, 166, 1729, and 811 for winning River Rage 23! We had a great time competing with 78 and 509 and hope to work with them again soon. We would also like to thank Teams 131, 238, and 501 for hosting such a fun event! Our final off-season of the 2019 season will be Battle of the Bay 6, which is next month.

Practice With 1729

written by Daler K. on 2019-10-16

On October 16, 2019, we travelled to Peterborough, New Hampshire, to visit the workshop of our friends on Team 1729 (Inconceivable). We were thrilled to have the opportunity to practice with them and tune our vision systems on an accurate field. We practiced double-teaming a rocket and getting a double climb as well. Morpheus would like to thank Team 1729 for their hospitality and for the wonderful opportunity. We hope to work together more in the future!

2019 NH Governor's Cup

written by Daler K. on 2019-09-28

On September 27, 2019, member of Morpheus travelled to Plymouth, New Hampshire, to participate in the 2019 NH Governor's Cup competition. During this competition, we were training our new 2020 drive team. After getting our pit set up and our robot inspected, we participated in a practice match to test out our brand new suction climber on an actual field. The suction climb worked the first time, allowing us to climb to level 3 while taking up almost no space on the HAB platform. The next day was the main competition. We worked to place game pieces and climb in our matches, and we were able to secure the 10th seed going into alliance selection. We had to make a few mechanical changes to our suction climb, but were able to get it working perfectly by the end of qualification matches. During alliance selection, we were thrilled to be selected by our friends on Team 238 (Crusaders) to join Alliance 4. On the reverse side of the bracket, we were assigned Team 3323 (Potential Energy) to round out our alliance. Our alliance's strategy was to fill the cargo ship, fill two rocket levels, get two HAB 1 climbs, and one HAB 3 climb. Using this strategy, we were able to cruise through the quarterfinals to face Alliance 1 in the semifinals. Alliance 1 featured our friends on Team 131 (Chaos), Team 319 (Big Bad Bob), and Team 1058 (PVC Pirates). The first match of series was incredibly intense. When the scores went up, everyone was amazed to see that our alliances had tied 80-80. This meant that we would play at least two more matches in the series. Although we fought hard in the next match, we lost by only a few points. In the third match of the series, our alliance pushed hard and was able to pull out a narrow victory over Alliance 1. Going into the fourth match in the series, we were energized and ready to go. Our alliance came out swinging, and we played extremely well. When the scores came up on the screen, we were dismayed to discover that, while we had outscored our opponents by 6 points, there were 10 penalty points that swung the victory to Alliance 1. Although we had been eliminated, we were proud of our performance and cheered on the finalists. Later on, at the award ceremony, we were humbled to receive the Mill Yard Creativity Award for our suction climber! Morpheus would like to congratulate Team 1729 (Inconceivable), Team 1922 (Oz-ram), and Team 2342 (Phoenix) on winning the event! We had a great time working with 238 and 3323 and hope to work with them again soon! Our next event is River Rage 23 in October.

2019 Season Recap

written by Daler K. on 2019-07-12

Today, Morpheus is proud to present our 2019 Season Recap video! The video is available both on the Media page or on YouTube.

In 2019, we became finalists at SE Mass, won the Autonomous Award at Central Mass, and competed at the New England District Championship for the fourth time in four years!

In the offseason, we designed a new intake and were quarterfinalists at Battlecry 20 and became finalists at Summer Heat. We have a new climber in the works for our fall offseasons with our 2019 robot Anonnado.

2019 Summer Heat

written by Daler K. on 2019-06-29

On June 29, 2019, we travelled to South Portland, Maine, to compete at the 2019 Summer Heat event. At Summer Heat, if you placed two special hatches (called life preservers) and two beach balls in one level of a rocket, you got a free level 3 climb. In qualification matches, we tried to get the free level 3 climb, place a few more hatches and cargo, and then use our climber to get a second level 3 climb. After the qualification round, we were ranked 10th. During alliance selection, we were excited to be picked by Team 4311 (Swampscott Currents) to join Alliance 6. Together, we selected Team 4564's (Orange Chaos) offseason robot to join our alliance. We decided on a strategy of having 4311 place one hatch on the side of the cargo ship in auto, play defense, and climb to level 2; have 5813 place a life preserver on the back of the rocket in auto, place two hatches on the cargo ship, place 5 cargo, and climb to level 3; and have 4564's robot place a life preserver on the front of the rocket in auto, place the two beach balls, fill 3 cargo on the cargo ship, and park on level 1. This strategy worked wonderfully. After a tough loss in the first quarterfinal match, we regrouped and won the next two. In the semifinals, we kept the same strategy and powered our way into the finals in two matches. In the finals, we faced the formidable Alliance 1 that featured Team 133 (BERT) and our friends on Team 319 (Big Bad Bob). After two hard-fought matches, we emerged as event finalists by narrow margins. Although we didn't win the event, we were thrilled with the performance of our team and alliance. It was great working with 4311 and 4564, and we hope to work with them again soon.

2019 Weare are the Bots FLL Jr. Expo

written by Daler K. on 2019-06-13

On June 13, 2019, Morpheus worked with Team 1922 (Oz-Ram) and Team 1729 (Inconceivable) to host the 2019 Weare are the Bots FLL Jr. Expo in Weare, New Hampshire. Together, we hosted a station where the FLL Jr. students could learn about FRC and the program progression of FIRST. We demoed our 2019 robot, Anonnado, Team 1922 brought their 2019 robot, and Team 1729 brought their 2016 robot. We had a great time working with 1922 and 1729 and talking with the FLL Jr. students. We hope to help host this event again next year!

2019 Battlecry@WPI

written by Daler K. on 2019-06-09

On June 8, 2019, Team 5813 members travelled to Worcester, Massachusetts, to compete at the 20th Battlecry@WPI. After load-in, we ran a few system tests to make sure everything was working. For this event, we added a new intake inspired by Team 254 (The Cheesy Poofs) and a climber inspired by Team 78 (Air Strike). In our practice match the next day, our climb worked perfectly on the field and the new intake scored wonderfully as well. In our qualification matches, we were able to quickly score hatch panels and cargo and also climb. Between matches, we talked to our friends and learned a lot from other teams. We especially learned a lot from Team 2791 (Shaker Robotics) from New York. After the first day of matches, we arrived the next day to find that our friends on team 2168 (Aluminum Falcons) had pranked us by placing a giant inflatable shark in our pit! At the end of the qualification rounds, we were ranked 11th out of 54 teams with a win-loss record of 6-2-0. During alliance selections, we were picked by Team 1100 (T-Hawks) to join Alliance 5. Together, we picked Team 5556 (Carriagetown Robotics) and got Team 2084 (Robots by the C) as our random pick. Our alliance decided on a strategy of 1100 placing 1 cargo, playing defense, and climbing; 5813 placing 1-2 hatches and 8-10 cargo; and 5556/2084 placing 4-5 hatches and parking on the dot. Our strategy worked beautifully in the first quarterfinals match. 1100 missed their climb, but everything else worked properly, which led to a narrow win over the powerful Alliance 10. Unfortunately, some electrical issues caused 2084 to not move at all in our second match, and another missed climb from 1100 led to a loss to Alliance 8. This loss meant that we did not qualify for the round robin in the afternoon. Although we were eliminated, we had a great time at the historic Battlecry 20! Morpheus would like to thank Team 190 and WPI for hosting another great Battlecry event and our alliance partners for a great run in eliminations. We hope to work with 1100, 5556, and 2084 again. Additionally, we would like to congratulate Teams 2791, 6328, 3623, and 1735 for winning the event! Overall, Battlecry 20 was a big success for our team. Our robot performed wonderfully and we got a nice shark from 2168! We can't wait for the rest of the 2019 offseason events!